Beef burgers that can be made at home

Details of ingredients

Main materials
  • strong flour 500g
  • sugar 60g
  • egg 2
  • water 210g
  • butter 40g
  • beef appropriate amount
  • Green vegetable appropriate amount
  • salad dressing appropriate amount
  • other flavor
  • baking workmanship
  • an hour time consuming
  • ordinary difficulty

Procedure of Beef Burger

  • one
    Put the high gluten flour, sugar, eggs and water into the UKOEOA10 and mix with the flour processor. When 60% of the flour is mixed, add butter.
  • two
    Stir until the fascia can be pulled.
  • three
    Take it out and cover it with plastic wrap to wake up for 15 minutes.
  • four
    Split the dough and round it with 80g each.
  • five
    Spray water on the surface of the round dough and stick sesame seeds on it.
  • six
    Put it into the high bicker F60 fermentation box and make it twice as big, with temperature of 30 and humidity of 80. There is no fermenting box to use. Wait for several hours slowly. Start the oven and preheat it to 200 ℃.
  • seven
    Put it into the high bick T60 oven, adjust the temperature to 170 ℃, and bake for 12-15 minutes according to the coloring degree.
  • eight
    Cut the roasted hamburger from the middle and put it in it according to your preference (beef, green vegetables, salad dressing, etc.).

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