Cashew and raisin moon cake

Details of ingredients

Main materials
  • Red bean paste filling 170 g
  • Wax gourd paste 50g
  • Cooked peanuts 30g
  • cashew 80g
  • Raisins 70g
  • White sesame 10 g
  • White granulated sugar 40g
  • Low gluten flour 160g
  • golden syrup 100g
  • Corn oil 40g
  • Alkaline water 2 g
  • sweet taste flavor
  • baking workmanship
  • Hours time consuming
  • simple difficulty

Procedure of cashew nut and raisin moon cake

  • one
    Filling materials: 170g red bean paste, 50g wax gourd paste, 30g cooked peanuts, 80g cashew nuts, 70g raisins, 10g white sesame seeds, 40g white granulated sugar.
  • two
    Dice cashew nuts, peanuts and raisins, add white sesame and sugar, and mix well.
  • three
    Add bean paste filling and white gourd paste, and grasp well.
  • four
    Become a uniform mass.
  • five
    Divide into 16 equal parts for standby.
  • six
    Cake crust: 160g low gluten flour, 100g invert syrup, 40g corn oil, 2g alkaline water.
  • seven
    Pour the lye into the invert syrup and stir well.
  • eight
    Add oil and stir well.
  • nine
    Pour in flour.
  • ten
    Mix the dough evenly, wrap it with plastic wrap, and relax for half an hour.
  • eleven
    Divide into 16 equal parts.
  • twelve
    Take a piece of pie crust, press it flat, and put in the filling.
  • thirteen
    Push the crust up and wrap it.
  • fourteen
    Close the mouth and round it.
  • fifteen
    Do well one by one.
  • sixteen
    Put it into the powder spreading mold.
  • seventeen
    Buckle it on the table and compact it downward.
  • eighteen
    Lift the mold and gently demould.
  • nineteen
    Place in the baking tray and spray water on the surface.
  • twenty
    Put in the preheated oven, middle layer, heat up to 200 ℃, lower to 170 ℃, and bake for about 5 minutes.
  • twenty-one
    Take it out after shaping, and brush the surface with egg liquid. Return to the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes. The surface is golden, and the furnace is discharged.

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