Crispy caramel baked cloth bud

Details of ingredients

Main materials
  • egg 4
  • unsalted butter 200g
  • milk 150g
  • White sugar 20g
  • Granulated sugar Proper amount (sprinkle the surface)
  • Original flavor flavor
  • roast workmanship
  • Twenty minutes time consuming
  • simple difficulty

Procedure of Crispy Caramel Baked Bud

  • one
    Prepare the ingredients, pour the light cream and pure milk into the milk pan for standby, and prepare the egg yolk and sugar.
  • two
    Add the white sugar into the egg yolk and stir well.
  • three
    Heat the mixture of light cream and milk in a milk pan over low heat until small bubbles are generated at the edge of the pan. Add a small amount of the mixture into the yolk liquid for many times. Pour the mixture into the yolk liquid and stir it evenly to avoid scalding the yolk.
  • four
    After fully mixing and sieving, the pudding liquid is finished.
  • five
    Pour into the cake paper cup, 9 minutes full, put the paper cup into another baking pan, heat the water on the bottom baking pan (baking in water bath), the oven temperature is 190 degrees, and bake for 15 minutes. Note: It is recommended to use a tin foil hard paper cup. If you use a soft paper cup, you need a mold to support it.
  • six
    Take out the baked cloth bud, sprinkle a layer of granulated sugar on the surface, and bake again in the oven at 190 ℃ for 15 minutes.
  • seven
    Beautiful caramel color on the surface, out of the oven.
  • eight
    The color is golden.
  • nine
    It's tender, smooth and creamy. My son ate two of them as soon as they were out of the oven , , , , ,