Earl Black Tea Cake Roll

Details of ingredients

Main materials
  • boiling water 90g
  • black tea appropriate amount
  • Low powdery 100g
  • egg 4
  • Corn oil 50g
  • unsalted butter appropriate amount
  • White sugar 30g
  • Vinegar A few drops
  • sweet taste flavor
  • roast workmanship
  • an hour time consuming
  • ordinary difficulty

Procedure of Earl Black Tea Cake Roll

  • one
    Pour 90g boiled water into a proper amount of black tea, stir it evenly, and filter it once. Wait for cooling.
  • two
    Add 50 grams of corn oil to 4 egg yolks.
  • three
    Sieve the low powder and add 100g of low powder.
  • four
    Then sift the cocoa powder and stir it until the paste has no granules.
  • five
    Pour the egg white into an oil-free and water free basin and add a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice.
  • six
    Next, we will send the egg white. First, use the electric egg beater to send the egg white at medium low speed. Pour in fine granulated sugar or soft white sugar in three times, respectively: Step 1: make coarse bubbles, make white and fine bubbles, and step 2: make fine and slightly textured eggs; Lift up the egg beater, and the egg white paste is in a big hook state. At this time, the whipping is over; Key points: Don't pass the cake at a high speed. Although it saves time, the protein paste is rough and unstable and easy to fall off. Like water, it is easy to defoaming when mixing the cake paste and the baked cake texture is rough; At this time, preheat my Galanz oven by 180 degrees.
  • seven
    Take a third of the egg white cream, add it to the egg yolk paste, and mix it evenly from the bottom to the top with the egg whip. Do not circle to avoid defoaming and baking failure.
  • eight
    Add 1/3 of the egg white cream to the egg yolk paste. Mix the egg cream evenly from the bottom up. Do not circle to avoid defoaming and baking failure.
  • nine
    Finally, pour all the egg yolk paste into the egg white paste, and mix it evenly from the bottom to the top with the egg whip. Do not circle.
  • ten
    Spread the cake paper on the baking pan and pour the cake batter into it. Shake the cake batter gently to remove the foam.
  • eleven
    Cool the cake remover.
  • twelve
    Anga whipped cream is sent to the tenth hair.
  • thirteen
    Evenly spread a layer of light cream on the surface of the cake.
  • fourteen
    Then roll it up from one end and refrigerate for half an hour.
  • fifteen
    Take it out, remove both ends and cut it into sections.
  • sixteen
    Finished products.

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