Finger biscuit

Details of ingredients

Main materials
  • egg 2 (110g)
  • sugar 40g
  • low-gluten flour 60g
  • Powdered sugar appropriate amount
  • sweet taste flavor
  • roast workmanship
  • Twenty minutes time consuming
  • senior difficulty

Procedure of finger biscuit

  • one
    Prepare two eggs.
  • two
    Protein and yolk are separated.
  • three
    Beat two whites.
  • four
    Add 40g of fine granulated sugar in three times.
  • five
    Turn until there is a small hook.
  • six
    Two yolks are added in batches.
  • seven
    After each yolk is added, beat it slowly for 30 seconds.
  • eight
  • nine
    Sift in 60g of low gluten flour.
  • ten
    Stir well (do not stir in circles to avoid defoaming).
  • eleven
    Don't stir it too much. You can't see the flour.
  • twelve
    Put it into a decorative bag.
  • thirteen
    Squeeze into the baking tray, leave a space in the middle (the length and thickness shall be consistent as far as possible), and sprinkle a layer of powdered sugar.
  • fourteen
    Put in the preheated oven, middle layer, 180 degrees, bake for 15 minutes.
  • fifteen
  • sixteen
    Finished product drawing.
  • seventeen
    Finished product drawing.
  • eighteen
    Finished product drawing.
  • nineteen
    It can be served as tiramisu or eaten directly, which is also good. , , , , ,