Homemade original sweet potato

Details of ingredients

Main materials
  • Sweet potato ready mixed powder 250g
  • salt 1 g
  • oil 75g
  • Egg juice 75g
  • water 80g
  • Original flavor flavor
  • baking workmanship
  • Three-quarters of an hour time consuming
  • ordinary difficulty

Steps of making home-made original sesame

  • one
    Weigh all the auxiliary materials into the barrel, beat evenly at medium and high speeds, and fully blend. (If this step is well integrated, the finished product will be more expansive)
  • two
    Add the pre mixed powder of cassava at one time and stir it evenly at low speed until there is no dry powder. Stir it for 2 minutes, and then turn it to medium high speed for 3 minutes. (It determines the taste of cassava, which is glutinous but not sticky, and chewy)
  • three
    Wipe a little oil on the table top, take it out and place it on the table top. (You must wear PVC baking gloves, or your hands will stick)
  • four
    Wear gloves and knead until it is bright and even, then it can be divided into 25g/small dosage.
  • five
    Rub the small dose round and put it on the baking tray. (The finished product is beautiful and does not crack)
  • six
    Spray a little water with spray and put it into the high bick T60S oven (preheat at 190 ℃ for at least 10 minutes).
  • seven
    The temperature after preheating shall be reduced by 30 ° C, and it shall be baked at 160 ° C for 30min after being put into the furnace.
  • eight
    Do not leave the oven immediately after baking. Turn off the electric stew for 5-8 minutes before leaving the oven. (Collapse will be caused by the influence of thermal expansion and cold contraction immediately after being discharged from the furnace) Sealed at room temperature. There is no time to get the stuffing. You can eat the original flavor directly. The taste will be light. If you have time, add red bean paste or stuffing you want to eat. It will taste better.


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