Orio Salted Cream Cake

Details of ingredients

Orio Salted Cream
  • Anjia Light Cream 450g
  • Oreo cookies 2 packs
  • White granulated sugar 55g
  • sea salt 2g
  • 8-inch cake embryo appropriate amount
  • Creamy aroma flavor
  • roast workmanship
  • Hours time consuming
  • simple difficulty

Processing steps of Oreo salted cream cake

  • one
    Baked 8-inch Qifeng cake embryo in advance for standby (refer to the recipe of 8-inch cake embryo).
  • two
    Remove the flat core of Oreo biscuits, and roll them into pieces with a rolling pin.
  • three
    Light cream with sea salt and white granulated sugar.
  • four
    Beat to about seven minutes, add the Oreo biscuits, and continue to beat to about nine minutes of cream.
  • five
    Mix the cream evenly and put it into a decorative bag.
  • six
    Cut the cake germ and set aside.
  • seven
    Put on a piece of cake germ, and spread the cream evenly.
  • eight
    Add another piece of cake germ.
  • nine
    Then spread the cream evenly.
  • ten
    The last piece of cake germ is also placed, and cream is squeezed on the side and the surface.
  • eleven
    Trim and scrape the cream evenly.
  • twelve
    Materials are limited. Decorate at will.
  • thirteen
    Finished products.
  • fourteen
    Finished products.
  • fifteen
    Finished products.

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